Friday, July 14, 2017

Artists depicting artists

In the spirit of the painting studios (and artist friendships: see below) of yore, our summer resident artists have been posing for one another for the past few weeks. Free models, good company - what else can an artist ask for during the summer holiday?

Left: Nikolai Yaroshenko by Ivan Kramskoy. Right: Kramskoy by Yaroshenko. Source. They may have enjoyed their more generous facial hair while painting 150 years ago, but we definitely have better podcasts today.
Anthony touches up his grisaille of Savannah. Savannah, Jon, and Ananda paint and draw Jess.
Savannah renders Ananda's philtrum.
Savannah's preparatory drawing and completed painting.

Jon's preparatory charcoal drawing of Ananda.
Anthony utilizes paintings of the past as reference material.
Jess's painting of Savannah.

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