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Winter Drawing Boot Camp 2018

Every January and July we offer a Drawing Boot Camp that introduces artists to the classical training methodology at GCA. Artists with experience are also welcomed in Boot Camp to focus on sharpening fundamental skills. We're happy to report that starting this year we will be increasing the number of awards and providing two scholarships each session for a 50% reduction in tuition.

Read about our 2017 scholarship recipients' experiences below.
Alex Ford drawing the portrait
"All of the instructors that I worked with at GCA were not only operating at the highest level within their own work, but were also incredibly adept as teachers. It's one thing to be able to show someone how well you do something, it is completely another to help someone to be able to do it themselves. That's what GCA is best at. There is no mystery, no confusion just a concise and logical method of approach that was tailored by the instructors to meet my individual needs."
Figure detail by Alex Ford
"The other aspect of my time at the Boot Camp that stands out in my mind is the overwhelming sense of community at GCA. All of the instructors, staff and students made me feel completely at home throughout my stay. They treated me as I were one of their own, always making sure to include me in any events, lectures and parties. I made some truly valuable friendships while there and can't wait to go back for another visit.  The GCA Boot Camp inarguably and drastically improved the quality of my work. The Boot Camp was one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding experiences I have ever had."
     -Alex Ford of Minneapolis, 2017 Winter Boot Camp Scholarship Winner
Cast Drawing by César
Artists have the opportunity to continue working on their casts after class for a few more hours each day.
"The first week was about cast drawing, an essential part of all training in classical drawing. I was excited to start my first cast drawing ever. I had the chance to do a cast of an eye, which I thought was a great way to begin with a symbolic item of path and direction...The second week we had the portrait workshop, an excellent week where I could ask for intensive direction, since this was an important subject for me. I felt comfortable as well as challenged, all those little nuances, and particularities of the human face to be translated by a correct use of technique and representation."
Studio figure drawing by César
"The third week was really fun, drawing the figure is exquisite. A great opportunity to polish what I learnt the previous weeks, plus I got to demand of myself to grow in every line and every value or form rendering to achieve not only a better likeness, but a better understanding of the figure and beauty of it. The fourth and last week of the Boot Camp was nonetheless one of the best experiences I've had...I could work with a complex scenario, it was about composition and figure but also about perspective and performance. How to represent that much, in the few hours we had at our hands, but without diminishing the quality? So every line, and movement must count, I thought to myself."
     -César Meza Anguiano of Mexico, 2017 Summer Drawing Boot Camp Scholarship Winner

The Scholarship application and Registration is now open!

Winter Drawing Boot Camp 2018
January 8 - February 2, 2018

Mondays - Fridays - 9am - 4pm

(Note: Week 2 is Tuesday - Saturday in honor of MLK Day)
Week 1: Cast with Devin Cecil-Wishing
Week 2: Portrait with Katie Engberg
Week 3: Figure with Brendan Johnston
Week 4: Studio Figure with Anthony Baus
with Special Events each week!

View the full course descriptions and register online.

2 Scholarships are available for 50% off the total studio fee for taking the full Boot Camp.
Deadline to apply for the Winter Scholarship: November 1st at 12pm
Notification by November 10th

View & Submit the Scholarship application.

Additional Winter 2018 Workshops will be announced by October 4th.

Summer 2018 Workshops & Summer Drawing Boot Camp Scholarship Application will be announced in early December. 

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