Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Demo from the June Intensive Workshop

Jacob Collins giving a figure drawing demo for the students in the summer intensive drawing workshop. These students spend the morning cast drawing and the afternoons working from the live model. The workshop is from June 1-26. We still have room in some other workshops that start later in the summer so it's not too late to sign up!

Some of these artists came from as far away as Germany and London to take this workshop!

These photos of Jacob's demo show the progression of a block-in during a 4 hour pose. At this stage the emphasis is on moving from general to specific, seeing abstract 2 dimensional shapes in the figure and getting the tilts & angles all correct.

stay tuned for more demos and updates from the summer workshops!


Jason Peck said...

Hey Emilie,

Thank you for posting these demos. They are very much appreciated. Cant wait to see more.

Best, Jason

Anonymous said...


ditto to what jason said.

Anonymous said...

tritto :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent demo, Jacob Collins is amazing. Hope to see more!

Anonymous said...


what hours is the june 8-12 student show open for viewing to the public.


Ariel said...

For some reason, humanity always search for heroes or superheroes; concerning today painting, Collins is mine! Great post!