Monday, June 15, 2009

Sculpture Competition Results

GCA's 2nd Annual Classical Figure Sculpture Competition took place
last week in GCA's Sculpture Atelier from June 8 - 12. Twelve finalists competed in a
40 hour competition, modeling a half-size figure from life.

The sculptures were judged Friday evening, 6:00 - 8:00pm.
Judges Jacob Collins, Stuart Feldman and Richard Cameron
awarded the following:

First Place - Joshua Koffman
Second Place - Kate Brockman
Third Place - Jiwoong, Cheh
Honorable Mention went to Julia Levitina McGeehan & Angela Cunningham

Carla, Colleen & Will keeping the cheese under control

Twyla serving the wine

and the winner is.... Joshua Koffman! here with his fiance Jessica

For photographs of the twelve final pieces, information about the finalists, and many more photos from the week-long event, check out our website tomorrow! Here are some that I took the night of the event.

Joshua's winning sculpture

2nd place Kate Brockman's sculpture

3rd place winner Jiwoong Cheh

Note: four of the finalists are competing in back to back figure
sculpting competitions! Mason Sullivan, Mark Porter, Adam Matano and Chad Fisher are
competing this week in the National Sculpture Society Competition taking place this year at the New York Academy.


Christopher Smith said...

I've reviewed the photos of the sculptures in the competition and I think the judges got it dead wrong. The 3rd place sculpture deserved to be first and the 1st place should have been 3rd. Jwoong Cheh's work was a concise, balanced, and masterfully finished example of late 20th century figurative sculpture. The portrait was compelling, all the components of the body were fully realized, the balance of the stance solid, and the flow of the composition was calm and contemplative. The 1st place sculpture was lacking in so many categories. The form was choppy, inconclusive, the finish uneven and amateurish, and the balance halting. The judges need to take another look.

Anonymous said...

Christopher I have to totally disagree. I have never been a big fan of Jwoong Cheh's work, although it is well balanced and finished well I believe that it was placed to high. After seeing all of the work Joshua Koffman was the clear favorite, he was able to get a true likeness (which Jwoong Cheh was unable get in the face) and his work is more well balanced with a more developed S-curve and a dynamic pose with the arm going out. Koffman's work has a life like texture. Cheh's work feels stagnant not life like. Nevertheless all very well done.