Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Casts

Classes are back in session and the studios are looking great. Over the summer our cast hall grew a bit, thanks to the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America. They have a really unique collection of nineteenth century casts of antique and Renaissance sculpture that were donated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Below are some photos of the new additions, we're feeling very lucky to have them!

instructor Camie Davis working with Challen Berg


Monique said...

How Very generous to Donate to the School :)

graydon said...

Finally, those had primordial dirt on them. : )

Perschbacher said...

Michelangelo's Risen Christ is an amazing sculpture to see in person.
I have been looking at the GCA blog for sometime. Well done!
I have an MFA in sculpture from NYAA. Your school curriculum looks similar to what we did there.
You can see some of my art at