Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tony Curanaj at the John Pence Gallery

Tony Curanaj, Red, Oil on Canvas, 32 x 54 inches, 2008-09

GCA instructor Tony Curanaj currently has a show at the John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, California. The show will be up from September 11 to October 10. Tony teaches still life painting and figure painting in the core program on a weekly basis. He also teaches a still life painting workshop in the summers.


graydon said...

I can't read the other posts, but I am sure it says amazing, awe-inspiring, gorgeous and incredible. (Well, and Tony is a bit a amazing, inspiring way, of course)

Anonymous said...

Заманчивая новость, как скоро ожидается публикацию новенького материала и вообще стоит ожидать ?