Friday, December 18, 2009


It turns out I haven't done a very good job of photographing all the amazing studies everyone has been working on this past month, but next week I'll try to collect some good images of people's work for the blog. For this entry, I have a lot of photos of what's been going on around the studio:

A surprise baby shower for Justine, who is expecting twins!

A big trend in snowflakes ...

Jacob Collins teaching in the cast hall

some shots of the sculptures in progress ...

Spencer Brainard working on his cast painting

Carla Crawford finishing up her cast painting

Some serious snowflake technique

The tuesday portrait class

taking the snowflakes to another level

learning to make plaster casts in sculpture class

sculpting copies of the feature casts

Remi & Irving put on a big guacamole production for our holiday party last friday

the cutest snowflake...

And ... our big student show at Gregory's Coffee on w44th St


Anonymous said...

To you summits always a grisaille before the coloured bet? (I am French and I speak badly the English language. Sorry)

GCA Administrator said...

Once they have reached a level of competence in figure drawing (with pencil) students begin to study the figure in grisaille. Once they master the grisaille painting, they learn to paint with a full palette in color. The students painting with color do not start with a grisaille underpainting.