Friday, April 16, 2010

New workshops in drapery

Drapery Workshop, Week 1: Drapery & Hair with Jiwoong Cheh
August 16-20 (5 days) 10am - 5pm
$600 ($300 deposit)
* $1150 if you sign up for both the sculpture and drawing/painting workshops in drapery.

In the world of outdoor figurative sculpture there are not many nude figures but plenty of costumed ones! Students will learn the basic logical understanding of drapery and the sculptural treatment of hair.

Beginning students will work on one project each of drapery and hair. (The class will provide 5" tall sculpture head and drapery model.)

Intermediate and advanced students will sculpt a whole body in costume from the provided mannequin (the class will provide 16" tall wooden puppet.)

We highly recommend you sign up for both the sculpting and drawing/painting courses. Sculpting drapery is a key to understanding it well enough to draw and paint it.

Drapery Workshop, Week 2: Drapery Drawing Camie Davis
August 23 - 27 (5 days) 10am - 5pm
$600 ($300)
* $1150 if you sign up for both the sculpture and drawing/painting workshops in drapery!

In week two of this drapery intensive beginning students will complete one finely rendered finished drawing of a fabric study in graphite. Intermediate and advanced students are welcome to complete either a drawing or painting and/or experiment with white chalk on toned paper. Advanced students are welcome to bring in an already completed figure drawing/painting they wish to add drapery to. Along with covering the purely technical aspects of drawing and painting fabric this workshop will also include; insight into aesthetic fabric/figure composition, how to draw/paint various textures; cotton, silk, fur, how to create tension in fabric and how to approach pattern.

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