Friday, April 30, 2010

workshop week report: part 2: Ecorche sculpture and drawing

Students who have been taking ecorche spent the first two days of the week finishing up their sculptures with Mason Sullivan.

For the next 3 days, a large group of students studied ecorche drawing and anatomy with Andrew Ameral who came all the way from San Francisco to teach this workshop. Ameral was the director of anatomy at the Florence Academy of Art for 7 years and has a wealth of knowledge on this subject. We were so psyched to have him at GCA!

the following examples of what we did in class were done by Carla Crawford:

We had a male model for half the day and a female for the other half. On the first day we did simple block-in drawings like this.

On the second day we studied the skeleton and drew on velum laid over the drawings from the first day.

On the third day we studied the muscles and drew those on another piece of velum laid over the figure drawing.

Here is Carla's male drawing:

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