Sunday, May 9, 2010

Angela Cunningham Portrait Workshop in Asheville

This summer Angela Cunningham will teach a portrait drawing workshop in Asheville, South Carolina at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas. This is a great opportunity for anyone in that area to get an introduction to the drawing approach taught here at GCA. Angela is currently finishing up her studies and teaching part time at GCA. She is a recipient of various awards including the Morris and Alma Schapiro Achievement Award in 2009, Art Renewal Center First Place Scholarship Award in 2009, Alfred Ross Achievement Award in 2008.
The workshop will be August 23rd—27th. 10am – 5 pm.

Maria, by Angela Cunningham 2009. Pencil on paper

The class will emphasize the fundamentals of drawing; blocking in and modeling conceptualized form. Students will be encourage to work in a slow, calm, thoughtful approach to gaining a deep understanding of the portrait three dimensionally. Thinking sculpturally will be discussed to make more accurate decisions. This will offer a sort of training ground for the eye where students will learn how far they can push accuracy and carry their drawings to a highly resolved finish.

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