Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Lecture on water with Michael D'Aleo

On July 9th, we had a pretty fascinating lecture on water with Michael D'Aleo. He talked about optics and light, the physical properties of moving water, and learning to conceptualize water not as a thing but as an effect in the world. We then went out to Schoharie Creek to study the dynamic patterns of movement in the water. One fascinating thing that I learned was that the kind of rock in a stream bed effects the way water moves. For instance, granite is more acidic than sedimentary rock, and therefore makes the water more cohesive, which results in different surface patterns. so cool!

"Every experienced artist knows that it is difficult to see nature truly; that for this end long practice is necessary. We see, yet perceive not, and it becomes necessary to cultivate our perception so as to comprehend the essence of the object seen."
- from Asher B. Durand's Letters on Landscape Painting, 1855

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