Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photos from the Fellowship

Jacob Collins painting at Platte Clove

Travis Schlaht, Edward Minoff, & Emilie Lee painting at the old Catskill Mtn. House site.

some impressive cumulus clouds

Steven Dolan doesn't mess around with his painting set-up. The table goes everywhere.

Palden Hamilton & Steven Dolan playing some tunes at Cesar Santos' birthday party

Happy birthday Cesar! hope you win big

at one of our evening gatherings where we share the work we've been doing

Edward Minoff toughing it out on a bad weather day

Palden Hamilton staying warm in the rain

Michael Klein joined us for two days of painting and filming for his American Painting Video Magazine.

Iris Schnitter, Annie Youngers, and Thomas Kegler painting in Platte Clove. On this day Michael Klein filmed a demo by Thomas Kegler for American Painting Video Magazine, which should be really fun to watch!

Jacob Collins, Edward Minoff, and Michael Klein in the clove

Cesar Santos in Platte Clove

one of the great houses we are staying in, thanks to the Catskill Mtn. Foundation

Michael Klein filming Edward Minoff painting at Sunset Rock. Stay tuned to American Painting Video Magazine to see some of the footage that Michael got up here!

Nick Alm painting at Sunset Rock

Me getting psyched about the encouraging trail side signage

Annie Youngers painting at Artist's Rock

A stormy morning looking over the Hudson River Valley

Palden Hamilton hanging out with a deer

Eric March painting through the rain


Natalie Italiano said...

Is there a favorite support you guys are painting on? It looks like a really fun time.

Anonymous said...

great photos emilie...tony c.

Emilie said...

New Traditions Art Panels are a really nice option. It's also easy to make your own by gluing primed linen to wood panels. People are using all different kinds of supports.