Saturday, September 18, 2010

embarking on a new year at GCA

Here at GCA the core program has been back in session for about a week now. It's exciting to be back in the studios together with old friends and new faces. This is my third year studying at GCA and I love how the program keeps getting better as we progress. The teachers and students are always talking about and looking for ways to evolve and this year there are some new improvements that we love. We now have some two week poses (all poses were previously 4 weeks long). Mornings in the North Studio are dedicated to a new still life class with Tony Curanaj that is open to third and fourth year students. This class is great because it gives us a chance to study composition and color in depth.

For the first assignment we were given a week to finish a painting. At GCA we get used to taking at least a month on our cast drawings and figure work, so this was a much needed kick in the pants!

by Emilie Lee

by Chris Rigney

by Victoria Herrera

Connie Netherton working on her painting

Sam Worley at work

Neal Esplin

Tony Curanaj lectures about the elements of composition

he's a very active lecturer


Luca said...

its always nice to see students at work - very interesting paintings.

thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

Wow! These paintings are amazing! I miss you all so much :) I wish I was there to stomp around the studio, complaining and trying to get everyone to talk, instead of work! You all are awesome, and these paintings are lovely... I'll def have to come for a visit soon!