Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Winning Drawings

Here are the winners!

Drawing skills are the bedrock of good painting, and the foundation on which form and color can most truthfully be expressed. It is incumbent on the artist to routinely sharpen and develop these skills from life. The intent of this competition is to bring greater prestige and honor to those artists who have devoted time and energy to honing these abilities. It will be a pure test of drawing skills.

The draftsman who executes the most beautiful drawing will be awarded the Grand Prize accompanied by the title, Apelles. The second place prize includes the title, Protogenes. The winning draftsmen will hold these titles until the next annual competition.

by Darren Kingsley: Grand Prize, Apelles

by Will St. John: Second Prize, Protogenes

by Carla Crawford: Honorable Mention

Viewing the drawings at the awards reception


Jacob Collins said...

Beautiful work! Congratulations, Darren, Will and Carla. Can we see all of the other drawings? And shouldn't Carla also get a greek epithet. Wasn't there an ancient Greek artist who was famous for being honorably mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Acacio is the Greek name which means honorable, though I am not sure if it has any mythological reference. That or honorus mentious, which is made up but sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the drawings. could you describe the ground rules for the competition. what tools, besides a graphite pencil, were the contestants allowed to use: stump, brush, chamois cloth, paper towel?