Monday, December 19, 2011

GCA Students Win ARC Scholarships!

A big congratulations this holiday season to Katie Whipple, Carla Crawford and Adrienne Stanger -- who have all won ARC Scholarships! ARC announced today that Katie and Adrienne have both been awarded first place prizes of $4,000, and Carla has won a 2nd place prize of $2,400. Scroll down to see Katie and Adrienne's exquisite figure drawings, and Carla's elegant figure painting!

Note: Adrienne Stanger, who has enrolled in our summer workshops for several years, has been accepted rolling admission into our full-time, 4-year program. She joins us in the studios on January 3!

"John" by Katie Whipple, Graphite on Paper, 22x12"

"Jessica" by Carla Crawford, Oil on Linen, 25x17"
"Jackie" by Adrienne Stanger, Graphite & Chalk on Toned Paper, 24x18"

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