Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jacob Collins Quick Portraits

Each Tuesday afternoon Jacob takes a break from teaching to come join us in the south studio for a portrait session.  We have a different model each week so we only have four hours to complete our drawing or painting.  As a new feature of the blog we'll be posting Jacobs drawing each week for you all to see.  Here's one of the most recent ones he completed.


Chris Martin said...

nice drawing, but is 4hrs really 'quick'?

David Gluck said...

Cool, thanks for keeping this blog updated so much as well.

Greg Shue said...

I'd like my family of three (at this point, and ongoing) to be drawn in portraiture by the masters at the GCA. And honestly, I want us to be idealized. How do we go forward from here? I do know that some preeminent historical figures' portraits are idealized significantly, which I appreciate. I understand the GCA fosters mastery of the real, i.e. in situ, but the mastery of shade and shadow just doesn't get any better.


Truly and respectfully,


Unknown said...

Hi, will you still be doing this feature? Looked like a great idea.