Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bon Voyage Chris Waddell!

Goodbye to Chris with Coffee & Donuts!

Chris Waddell, one of our beloved sculpture teachers, is leaving his teaching post at the GCA for a new job in Portland, Oregon. Chris, who has also been working at Studio Eis here in New York, was hired by Laika, one of the world's premier stop-motion animation studios.  He is excited to for 'the breath of fresh air - literally, and for the space to set loose his three young boys. He will miss his eclectic work life in New York where the people, and the work, continually taught him new things.'

Chris has taught cast sculpture to four sets of first year students in our full-time program. He has served the GCA well, introducing our new students into the world of sculpting, and welcoming them to the school with his friendly sense of humor.

His students will continue their studies with our figure sculpture teacher, Jiwoong, Cheh. They will join third and fourth year students currently sculpting the figure. On a related note, as a result of Chris leaving, GCA alumn Angela Cunningham, has been hired by Studio Eis on a project basis.

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