Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hudson River Fellowship - Week 2

We're now heading into our second week here in New Hampshire. The first week was spent finding our bearings in the area and familiarizing ourselves with the surrounding landscape, mostly spent doing pencil drawings and quick oil sketches. This week has seen us fall into a rhythm, with most of the fellows starting the morning session at Jackson Falls in town, and then branching out to surrounding cascades, mountain outlooks and notches within a 45 minute radius. The White Mountain National Park is filled with vistas and steeply rising mountainsides, at times reaching upwards of 3,000 feet from the valley floor.

Brian Macneil painting the sunset by the house

By Brian Macneil

Work in Progress by Spencer Brainard

Fellows at Jackson Falls

By Nathan Sowa

By Christina Mastrangelo

By Wei Shi

By Brian Macneil

In Erik Koeppel's studio

Liz Beard painting at Jackson Falls

Edward Minoff painting Mt Madison

Heavens Unleashed by Brian Macneil

Jacob Collins working at Jackson Falls

Sam Worley at the Falls

By Nathan Sowa

By Christina Mastrangelo

Last night the townspeople of Jackson and the Fellows met up at a landscape lecture held at the Whitney Center. Catherine Amidon (Director of the Museum of the White Mountains) gave an excellent lecture on the White Mountain/Hudson River School painting tradition and its connection to geological work, 19th century tourism and the growth of New York City.
Citizens of Jackson checking out Fellows' work

By Zoey Frank

Zoey Frank
Work in Progress by Emilie Lee

By Christina Mastrangelo

By Brian Macneil

Jacob working on a painting at Saco River

Victoria Herrera working at the Falls

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