Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GCA Ushers in Spring with Workshop Week

Our Spring Workshop Week (typically the last week in March) offers both full and part time students the chance to take a break from their regular studies to focus on something different. Full time students are enrolled in one of three classes; Value with Tony Curanaj (1st years), Drawing from Reproduction of Old Master Figure Drawings with Colleen Barry, and Copying Paintings at the MET with Will St. John.

Also on offer are two regular workshops: Portrait Sketch with Ted Minoff and Travis Schlaht, and The Spanish Still Life with John Morra - both these workshops are being held again this summer.

The sunny, blustery day outside is turning a little moody mid-afternoon. Strains of spanish guitar music sound from the North Studio and country music ambles from the Cast Hall. Will St. John and the painters are under the watchful eye of Hazel Rodriguez at the MET, and students studying portrait have the benefit of having two teachers at once!

Enjoy the photos below of students at work this week:

Core students: first day at the MET... 3 days left!

Andrew Bonneau copies a portrait by Greuze
Shihwen Wu copies Portrait of a Man by the Workshop of Velazquez
(Shihwen is only student who has copied at the MET before)
Anthony Baus copying David's Death of Socrates in the middle of a huge tour group!
Crowd moves on, sharing turp with Rodrigo.
Brendan Johnston strikes a pose between the original and the copy. Juan de Pareja, Velazquez.

Katie Whipple examining Raphael's Madonna and Saints.
Katie under investigation. Her canvas is properly stamped.
Niki Covington copying Veronese's Mars and Venus United by Love.
Will St. John instructing Sarah Bird.
Sarah Bird Copying The Death of Harmonia by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre
Liz Beard copying Tintoretto's Portrait of a Man.

First Year Core Students Study Value with Tony Curanaj

L to R: Grant Perry, Audrey Rodriguez, Athena Gibson
Andrew Payne
Katie Engberg
John Brogie
L to R: Mark Hill, Alex Berrios, & Jessica Artman

Core Students Copy Old Master Drawings with Colleen Barry

Colleen Barry instructing Zoe Dufour
Rebecca Gray
Sam Worley
Seeram Mangroo
L to R: Seeram, Rebecca & Carl Martin-Sandvold

Day 1 TNT Portrait Sketch Workshop
(TNT = Ted and Travis)

L to R: Travis Schlaht and Lisa Ferber

Day 1 Demo by Ted Minoff

Greg Clark, Joyce Colburn

Day 1 Demo by Travis Schlaht

Day 2: The Spanish Still Life Workshop with John Morra

Karen Haidar's Still Life
Carolyn Brancato
Lynn Reardon
(Her disclaimer: grapes not real!)
Regular Part Time Student Martha Crow
Howard Greenhaigh

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