Sunday, June 25, 2017

Still Life Painting Competition: Day Three

At the end of Day 3, the competitors had a meeting to discuss the timing of the final day of the competition. While each spot is roughly the same, there are some variations since the studios are natural light. A few experience some hot spots in the morning, which they deflect with foam core but then in the last stretch each day, it gets darker. Therefore, the artists will start and finish an hour earlier on Tuesday, in order to provide judges with an experience that is more representative.

Revised Tuesday's hours:
Morning session: 8am - 12noon.
Lunchtime viewing:12noon - 1pm
Afternoon session: 1-5pm
The judging will then commence in private.
The Awards Ceremony hours remain 7-9pm. We plan to make the winners announcement at 7:30pm. Please also join us in the gallery for the final viewing of Self Portrait at Eleventh Street Arts.

After the meeting, the artists again relaxed in the lounge and shared a little of what they've been listening to while they work. Here's a compilation:

Mac DeMarco - "He's very chill."

80's Rock n Roll - "There was some Hall and Oates in there today."

Norma Jean, Simon & Garfunkel, The Birds "Oh, I had some Birds in my playlist too."

"A talk on postmodernism in Spanish - it was a Mexican critic talking about art."

Górecki - "He's a Polish composer." "Classy."

Cosmo Sheldrake - "He's got like 6 songs that I've been playing."

Deathcore - "a sub genre of death metal, it's slower and very Los Angeles. The chaos, the white noise, makes the process very soothing. The pace is the same as classical music and I get the same energy with both."

"I tried listening to some Bon Iver at first but the feeling of something over my ears made it too hard to concentrate. So now I hear some noise in the room, coughing and chairs moving."

True Crime Podcasts, Beyoncé, Mobb Deep "RIP Prodigy"

"A lot of sighing from me and the other people in my studio."

And two artists said they can sometimes hear Tony Curanaj who is teaching a workshop in one of our studios. They joked that "I'm trying to gain some advice" and "I've learned three different ways to transfer."

As a judge, Tony's not allowed to enter the studios, view the progress online or discuss the competition with his students, participants or other artists. The students can attend the lunchtime viewings and their workshop ends the same day as the competition. Be sure to check out the podcast Tony co-hosts with GCA Instructor Ted Minoff: Suggested Donation

And now works-in-progress photos from Day 3:

Day 3: Winckel Man

Day 3: Dedalus

Day 3: Mealy Potatoes

Day 3: Nollie-Tre

Day 3: Mondavi

Day 3: Rupert Everton

Day 3: SNOC

Day 3: Sir Mix-a-Lot

Day 3: King Chroma

Day 3: The Postman

Day 3: Bristles and Coffee

Day 3: The Milk Carton Kid

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