Friday, June 23, 2017

Still Life Painting Competition: Day One

Yesterday, we welcomed 12 finalists to our studios for our 2017 Still Life Painting Competition. Spanning 6 days from June 22- 27, the artists work 8 hours a day for a total of 48 hours.

The morning began with breakfast and a review of the rules. Competition Judge, Tony Curanaj revealed the mystery objects. The artists then drew tokens for studio quadrants and promptly got to work arranging their set-ups and compositions.

Each competitor creates their own composition but must include at least three of the seven mystery objects. We'll post about the objects this weekend, in the meantime, can you can guess what all seven are?

At 6pm sharp the artists are directed to step away from their paper and/or canvas and depart the studio to clean their materials and lock up their work. The artists start up again the next day at 9am.

Each day we'll post images of the works-in-progress photographed at the end of the previous day. The works will not be credited to the artist's real names until after the winners are announced. For now, we'll use each artist's personally chosen Nom de Plume.

You are invited to stop by in person from 1-2pm every day to see the progress during the artists' lunch break. Just wait until the monitors open the curtains to each of the three studios.

Please join us this Tuesday night from 7-9pm for The Awards Party. The event starts in our adjacent gallery, Eleventh Street Arts, with a final viewing of the Self-Portrait Exhibition. Once the winners are announced, everyone is invited into the studios to view all the works and celebrate the achievements of all 12 of the artists.

Day 1: SNOC

Day 1: King Chroma

Day 1: Mondavi

Day 1: Nollie-Tre

Day 1: The Milk Carton Kid

Day 1: Sir Mix-a-lot

Day 1: The Postman

Day 1: Dedalus

Day 1: Rupert Everton

Day 1: Mealy Potatoes

Day 1: Bristles and Coffee

Day 1: Winckel Man

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