Friday, March 27, 2009

Classical Architecture 101

On Monday nights, Richard Cameron teaches a class for GCA students and teachers that introduces the fundamental principles of classical architecture. Cameron co-founded the Institute of Classical Architecture and has taught drawing and the history of architectural theory at the Institute since its foundation in 1991.

The class has been studying renaissance drawings, with a particular focus on Michelangelo. They have also been drawing the Doric order from the treatise by James gibbs, and have done some drawing at the New York Public Library (2 blocks from school). Coming up next, the class plans to spend some time studying shadows using india ink wash rendering and getting to know the great classical buildings of New York City. Some introductory design exercises will also be covered by the end of the year.

Richard Cameron is also the co-founder of Ariel, The Art of Building. Ariel specializes in the hand drawing of architecture and design, and in high-end residential and institutional projects.

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