Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Student work - end of February

Angela Cunningham

Joshua LaRock

Carol Broman

Elisabeth Ehmannn

Amelia Landes

Carol Broman

Joshua LaRock


Andrew M Grant said...

Very impressive work... how long are the poses they paint from??

Jacob said...


The poses are every day for four weeks.

Ariel said...

Really amazing work.
Incredible dedication and results!

Ariel said...

If were possible, I would like to see bigger reproduction, to really appreciate the incredible work!

MANPOLO said...

Thanks for sharing.

stephen erik schirle said...

amazing work, your school looks fantastic. im jealous

Anonymous said...

I love Elizabeth Ehmannn's drawing is so beautiful

Stephen Magsig said...

It is so nice to see academic realistic artwork still being taught. Just beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting the student work in progress. i noticed some of the figure paintings have a reduced scale drawing and value study taped to the side of the canvas. at this stage is the artist still working from the live model or exclusively from the drawing and value study?