Friday, March 20, 2009

work in progress

I'll to try to post more photos of work in progress, so here is the first batch from the cast hall today.

Colleen Barry's cast painting just after she finished the underpainting or "wipe out" stage. She has just started modeling on the upper lip if you look closely. The small drawing to the left is a photocopy of her original block-in drawing. It is shrunk down so she can use it to make a small value study (not shown) which she will refer to while finishing the final painting.

Ashley Howell's cast drawing in progress

Neal Esplin just starting a block-in for his final cast drawing

A cast painting in progress by Salaz

Jiwoong Cheh (center) teaching Ecorche to Josh LaRock & Angela Cunningham

Jiwoong Cheh working with Angela Cunningham

Carla Crawford & Colleen Barry taking a snuggle break with Lucy

Colleen Barry & Will St. John experiencing canine perfection.

P.S. theres more of these photos on the GCA facebook page if you want to follow us on there too


Anonymous said...

This is not interesting

Anonymous said...

These are studies. Not masterpieces or creative expression or a display of artistic vision. Studies. Practice. The same as every other art school, just about a thousand times better.

They are amazing everyone, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

anonymous... why don't you stop looking at the blog if you think it's so uninteresting. Why are you wasting your time? Let the people who think it's interesting enjoy it without your annoying comments

Anonymous said...

I wonder if their work will be ass boring when they finish studying there...

*note how un-boring i spelled "as"
Cant go to far without Imagination