Thursday, April 2, 2009

New work from Edward Minoff

Edward Minoff has just posted a new page on his website that explains the step by step process he goes through to create one of his seascape paintings. Minoff has been painting and drawing the sea for years but he has never completed anything on the scale of his most recent painting Waves which is 40 x 96 inches. Of the ambitios project, he says "I set out to paint a monumental seascape in the vein of the great 19th century landscape painters who made the element of scale so prominent in their work. I wanted to paint a scene that would surround the beholder - to allow the viewer to become lost in this invented environment when standing in front of the canvas. My hope is that you will feel the warmth of the light, hear the crash of the waves, and smell the salty sea air as the painting fills your view."

Waves 40 x 96 inches, oil on linen, 2009 by Edward Minoff

The finished painting will be on view for Edward Minoff's solo show at the Cavalier Galleries in Greenwich Connecticut from May 14 - 28 2009.

Edward Minoff teaches figure drawing and painting in the core program and several nights a week at GCA. He is also teaches landscape painting at the Hudson River Fellowship, a GCA program.

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