Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Special Workshop Week

This week we are all taking a break from our regular routine to participate in workshops that focus on value, color, and architectural drawing.

The value workshop is being taught by Tony Curunaj. Students in this workshop are being introduced to the Munsell color chart and learning to mix and match the neutral values. We just finished making value strips (shown above) and will tube up some of these grays to use for painting this week.

Carla, Andy, & Remi working on value strips

The color workshop is taught by Graydon Parrish. Students in this group are also working with the Munsell chips to learn about the flesh tone range. They are making some funky color charts that I'll post as they progress.

The architectural drawing group has been spending the mornings walking around Manhattan drawing from some local sites of interest, and in the afternoon they're doing this kind of thing in the class room. Richard Cameron is teaching this workshop.

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