Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sculpture Competition Finalists

The finalists have been chosen for the sculpture competition! They will compete June 8-12 to model a 32” figure from life with the model posing 8 hours each day for a total pose of 40 hours. The GCA will host an armature-building luncheon and Meet & Greet prior to the competition (date TBD). Finalists are warmly invited to stay after the pose Monday & Wednesday evenings as we open the competition room for public viewing and dialogue.

The participating sculptors will be:

Kate Brockman
Julia McGeehan
Chad Fisher
Joshua Koffman
Alex Heinke
Brian Kramer
Virgil Oertle
Jiwoong Cheh
Christen Waddell
Mason Sullivan
Angela Cunningham
Mark Porter

p.s. we are on the amazing Gurney Journey blog today, go check it out!

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