Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hudson River Landscape Fellowship: Day 1

Reporting from Hunter, NY ... the HRLF ROCKS!!! We all arrived yesterday afternoon, there are 17 artists here, some came from far away lands like Switzerland, Italy, and Toronto. Last night we kicked it off with an inspiring slide show by Travis Schlaht & Edward Minoff along with past fellows Shane Wolf and Thomas Kegler.

Today started out bright and early, everyone was stoked to check out sunset rock, a famous spot where all the Hudson River School painters liked to work.

Just to let everyone back at GCA know ... Lauren still gets graphite all over her face within the first 5 minutes of drawing

the storm started to roll in around noon

but we didn't retreat until the thunder and lightening got super serious ... and then it started downpouring and hailing! Pretty exciting retreat off the mountain ...

with this amazing view of the Hudson River under the storm

but then the sun came out within an hour

and we all had a productive afternoon drawing in the sun


Anonymous said...

Is that girl drawing with her eyes closed?

Anonymous said...

is an asian dude

Anonymous said...

what is that supposed to mean?