Thursday, July 16, 2009

more field studies from HRLF

Still having an awesome time up at the Hudson River Landscape Fellowship! Here are some more field studies. I photographed the work in really poor lighting and am trying to see if we can organize some better documentation of the art for future blog posts.

by Dave Gluck

by Lauren Sansaricq

by Shane Wolf

by Erik Koeppel

by Jacob Collins

by Noah Layne

by Emilie Lee


Gregory Becker said...

You guys rock!
I would love to be there.

Gregory Becker said...

I hope that you can answer a question for me.
If a toned panel is used for oil studies, is it a warm midtone?

Bob said...

Eric Koeppel is a genius landscape painter. I wonder why he doesn't have a website.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with these Eric Koeppel paintings?! These can't be plein air studies... right??

Anonymous said...

you didn't find ?

I think his name may be misspelled here.

Sadie J. Valeri said...

Hi Gregory - you can used a panel toned with burnt umber. But some people leave the panel white so they can paint an underpainting on-site with burnt umber, leaving the white of the panel for the lights. Then they paint color over that.

Yes, Eric does these paintings en plein air. He spends 2 days on each. He's very fast, we are all impressed :) He paints a full-color thin wash first, not a burnt umber underpainting.

SamtheLima said...

Wonderful work!