Friday, July 24, 2009

update from the woods

Getting into week 3 here at the Hudson River Landscape Fellowship. The days have been packed! We're up with the sun and in the field all day, many times until after sunset. Then it's a rush to cook dinner and crash out, so I haven't had much time to update the blog. Those of you reading Sadie Valeri's blog ... she brought her own internet connection device and is updating every night, (that's not fair Sadie!) I don't have any new photos of work tonight but here are some photos from the last few weeks, we're having an awesome time together. I'll try to get a bunch of good photos of the work before we're done here. Thanks to Dorian Iten & Sadie Valeri for sharing their photos for this post!

sunset at Inspiration Point

Sadie, Lauren, Charles, and Ken reading from our collection of Hudson River School painters

the view from Hunter Mountain

painting in the rain under a shelter at North South Lake

now this is a work of art!

Nick Hiltner & Shane Wolf cooking up a storm

getting ready to paint the sunset

at one of our evening meetings where we share and discuss what we've been working on

The sunset painting session going off!

me, totally psyched under my new umbrella, still painting in a downpour

Anthony Velasquez working hard on the glasses tan

Shane Wolf at the top of Kaaterskill Falls today

Jennifer Worsley drawing at the top of the falls

Noah Layne & Shane Wolf taking a yoga break


Anonymous said...

Post some travis work

Gregory Becker said...

I once saw some people entering a building with art supplies in their hands and hurried up and pulled over in my car, grabbed some supplies that I had and followed them in. After the class the teacher asked who I was and I explained how I ended up there and he laughed himself to tears.
I wonder if that would work here?
I could just show up.

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating emilie -- it looks like so much fun there! i can't wait to see more of the paintings.

Ashley said...

looks so fun! I can't wait to see everybody and get back to work in the fall :)

Anonymous said...

dag... the host of the post is really cute... I wonder if she ever goes and stares at Jules Bastien-Lepage's "Joan of Arc" for long periods at a time... hmmmmmmm