Friday, November 13, 2009

ARC Scholarship Awards

The Art Renewal Center just announced the winners of their Scholarship awards, which go to students at ARC approved ateliers around the world to help them continue their studies. $30,000 in prizes were awarded to students this year! Congratulations to all the winners. Below are the winning pieces from GCA students.

First Place: $5,000 to Elisabeth Ehmann

Santiago (2009) Graphite and Colored Pencil on Toned Paper, 20x18 inches

First Place: $5,000 to Angela Cunningham

Cast Painting (2009) Oil on Canvas 22 x 18 inches

Second Place: $4,000 to Amelia Landes Taylor

Satyr Hanging From A Nail(2008) Graphite on Paper, 20x16 inches

Second Place: $4,000 to Amelia Landes Taylor

Dancer (2009) Graphite and Chalk on Toned Paper, 20 x 16 inches

Third Place: $2,500 to Gregory Mortenson

Juan Michael (2009), oil on linen, 9"x8", by Gregory Mortenson

Purchase Awards:

Maria (2009) pencil on paper, 8x6 by Angela Cunningham, sold for $1,800.00

Alexandra (2007), graphite on toned paper with white pencil, 20x18, by Elisabeth Ehmann, sold for $2,200.00


David Gluck said...

Congratulations to you all. Looks like you guys mopped up at the GCA this year. I would also like to say hello to Ken, Emilee, Stephanie, Lauren and all the teachers from Hudson river. Miss you guys. (Ken, we need you back around, Kate's magic tricks suck)

David Gluck said...

p.s. Me and Kate were thinking of heading to the Waterhouse show in Montreal after Christmas. Any people I mentioned before going? Me and Kate would also be able to speak Canadian if anybody needed so the language barrier wouldn't be a problem.