Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at GCA

Everything is more fun when you're dressed in a costume! Here are some photos from our Halloween festivities last Friday:

Camie Davis rocks the light saber

Lauren Sansaricq lends a leaf to one of the casts

Remi Cardenas & Andy Leonard as Hamlet & the Woodsman

Ashley Rae Howell, Miss Kentucky

Lauren Sansaricq & Andrea Clinton sharing a woodland nymph moment


Katie Whipple as Madame X

Brendan Johnston, the man from the Brawny ads, getting ready to open a beer with his hatchet

Antonio with the hidden weapon

Remi Cardenas & Elisabeth Ehmann

Challen Berg works the spotlight

Jimmy has been modeling for us so much he forgot how to wear clothes anymore. He came as a streaker

Carla Crawford is a page from the Munsell book of color

Mr. Brawny, very impressive

Miss Kentucky gets another tattoo

David busts a move

Mason Sullivan & Sasha Kinens are from an Edgar Allen Poe poem

Sean Russo breaks out of the zoo

The Woodland nymph takes a break from cast drawing to warm her hands by the space heater


spikytiger said...

hey, nice twi'lek.

Frederick said...

Nice group of artists costumes, always the best ideas! Thanks for sharing your event.