Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast and Limbo!

(There are many photos of food and limbo antics here, but please scroll down to the previous post and make sure you get to read Scott Waddell's interview!)

There are no starving artists at GCA! Today we had our annual Thanksgiving pot luck FEAST, and I have to say, everyone really put in the effort to bring in some amazing food.

Gregory Mortenson, reigning limbo champion and recent GCA graduate, returned to defend his position. Here he is starting off the limbo competition with a plate of food in hand.

Greg had some stiff competition from new students like Connor DeJong

and Ken Yarus

and our models Dani

and Nate

The crowd goes wild ...

We have some pretty bendy people here!

Liz Beard making it look easy!

Zoe Dufour sticks in until the very end...

Liz feeling the pressure as the limbo stick goes lower...

and she sticks it!

In the end it was Greg Mortenson vs. Liz Beard

And the winner is LIZ!

Nice job Greg, Liz, & Zoe!

Next was the unveiling of a very special cake. Everyone tries to get a closer look at what that image is...

Yes, that is Neal Esplin, and Bob Silverman, in a Waterhouse painting, on a cake. Neal and Bob are both finishing up their studies at GCA this month!

Neal and Bob cut their cake.

After that Ken amazed us all with some of his magic

which we never cease to be amazed by...

And then everyone tried to get back to work. Many thanks to Joy and Justine, seen here working hard in the GCA office, for organizing events like this and motivating everyone to take a break from their easels to enjoy fellowship and friendship! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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