Thursday, November 11, 2010

whats happening in the sculpture studio

I've been trying to stick my head in the sculpture studio once in a while to keep up with what everyone is working on in there. At the moment, a lot of students are investing their time in copying casts. This is a really great way to hone one's observation skills and ability to interpret form in the three-dimensional medium of clay. All students are required to copy a certain number of casts before moving on to the live model. Once they have spent some time sculpting from the live model, students are also required to spend time copying casts of ecorche to better understand anatomy.

This is an ecorche copy in an early stage of progress

Sam Hung copying a skull cast

Lauren Sansaricq is learning about let muscles in this ecorche cast copy

Joseph Herrmann copying one of the feature casts - this is one of the first projects students tackle when beginning sculpture

Sculpture teacher Mason Sullivan critiquing a student (who is hiding from the camera) on this project copying a cast of the Belvedere Torso

Charlie Harris copies a skull

Spencer Brainard is copying a life cast of this head. This project is a prerequisite to portrait sculpture

Joseph Herrmann and Shihwen Wu at work on their feature casts

Sculpture teacher Jiwoong Cheh and Spencer Brainard are the only ones not hiding from the camera in this class where 5 people are copying a cast together

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