Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Upcoming Featured Artist: Scott Waddell

Scott Waddell, GCA teacher and professional fine artist, is our next interviewee!

If you are not already familiar with Scott's work, you can browse through a selection of his art at:

If you have any questions you would like Scott to answer, please post them in the comments section. The best questions will be chosen for inclusion in the interview. The deadline for posting questions is midnight this Thursday, November 11th.


John Zimmer said...

Hi there,

I have several questions, so I guess I'll just post them and you choose whatever question you think would be interesting for your readers:

1) In what way are you inspired by the Old Masters in regard to composition? Are there any poeses, light/shadow patters, lines etc. that directly influenced your paintings?

2) Do you think it is possible for a hobby-painted to reach a fairly high level of mastership without attending an academy for several years? (I'm 35, have a family and a regular job, so there is no way I could ever go to an atelier/academy)

3) Could you tell us something about your materials (brushes, medium, paint etc.)?

Looking forward to the interview.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be nice to hear about what thoughts lead you to your narrative themes. I find there are few narrative painters in contempory art, and it would be great if you could discuss your creative thought process.

Tyler said...

Could you explain your Painting technique (ie. drawing, under paintings, paint application, tools, and oils). In looking at your progress shots of paintings on your blog I find it hard to understand your rationale for your method of painting (ie. At times small untouched areas of your paintings are surround by 'fully' modeled areas)

Anonymous said...

Varnishing of paintings seems rarely addressed. Peoples different approaches to this may be interesting.