Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 8th Lecture

Please join us FEBRUARY 8TH at 4:30 PM for a free lecture. Natural Pigments director George O'Hanlon will discuss painting mediums and color palettes.

*Each lecture will take about 1/2 hr. Please RSVP if you wish to attend:

"Painting Mediums Historical and Modern"
How oil painting mediums can be used to create many different painting
effects. What are historical oil painting mediums like and how do modern
mediums compare to them? Through recreations of many oil painting medium
recipes from the 15th to 19th centuries, Natural Pigments answers this
question. We compare their handling and performance characteristics, such as
viscosity, rheology (paint consistency), yellowing and flexibility. The
results of this research is presented in ways that can help artists to
understand the purpose and use of mediums in their own work. The
presentation will be followed by questions and answers. This presentation is
designed for oil painters.

"Rational Approach to Color Palettes"
The approach to color used by the old masters working in the 15th to 17th
centuries was both intuitive and based on an empirical understanding of
color interaction. Although modern color theory was not developed until the
18th century, the old masters had already laid the foundation in set or
rationally ordered palettes. The set palettes of the old masters is
discussed, in modern terms according to Denman Ross, in this lecture and how
it can benefit painters today.

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