Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scott Waddell's Webisode #4

Scott Waddell teaches in the core program at GCA. He also teaches portrait painting on tuesday and thursday evenings - a class that is open for anyone to enroll in. Scott also teaches a workshop this summer from July 5-16.


Anonymous said...

I had seen this video already over at Scott's blog but it truly does bear repeat viewing. What a great job you are doing with these Scott. They just can't come quick enough for me (although I appreciate the amount of work that goes into each one must take some time!)
I had a question about these beautiful David feature casts that I see people working from at GCA. Do you guys have a suggestion for a good source for these as some friends and I are interested in purchasing some but want to get teh most accurate ones we can find.

Mark Hill said...

Awesome video! Scott's great about explaining his thoughts and concepts in a very simple, yet concise manner. Do a lot of the GCA instructors/students use and/or favor short handled brushes? Sort of looks like synthetic sables perhaps? Just curious as I love the overall look of the student work that gets posted all the time. Thanks.

John Garrett said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the webisode on Form Modeling. It was very helpful and I was not familiar with the concept.
You are right that it is more a way of thinking than a technique.
Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

as a older fledgling artist , I appreciated this post ...thanks !...greenman