Monday, February 28, 2011

Student work Feb 2011

by Katie Whipple, graphite and white chalk on toned paper

by Seeram Rohan Mangroo, graphite on paper

by Seeram Rohan Mangroo, graphite on paper

by Colleen Barry, oil on canvas

by Colleen Barry, oil on canvas
by Colleen Barry

by Pierre Bombardier, sculpture in clay

by Pierre Bombardier, graphite on paper

by Devin Cecil-Wishing, sculpture in clay

by Devin Cecil-Wishing, plaster cast of sculpture in clay

by Brendan Johnston

by Emilie Lee, oil on canvas

by Victoria Herrera, oil on canvas

by Connie Netherton, oil on canvas

by Connie Netherton

Colleen Barry teaching a group of students in the afternoon figure painting class

Tony Curanaj giving a critique to Shiwehn Wu

Sculpture students finishing up the last day of the pose on friday

Brendan Johnston paints with a short handled brush


Anonymous said...

Overwhelmingly fantastic!!! at the risk of being hyperbolic. However, I don't think it would be possible to shower too much praise on this group. I hope Brendan Johnston casts that sculpture in plaster. It would be beautiful in bronze!

Dave B said...

Beautiful work. Well done to the students and instructors.

Anonymous said...

great work! colleens pictures are so nice, my favorite parts are the background

Anonymous said...

I am always inspired and humbled by the level of craft @ GCA. It makes me want to push myself harder - thanks for posting!