Friday, June 24, 2011

Drawing Intensive Week 3 & Color Theory part 1

Intensive student Steven Zapata works on a feature cast

I took the opportunity on this first official Summer Friday to interview a few workshop participants. I spoke with 3 students in the Drawing Intensive about their experiences in their first 3 weeks:

"I came here for the purpose of studying the method and I'm getting exactly what I wanted. This is one of the nicest academic places I've been to, everyone is super nice. The teachers are very good. They all speak the same language but with different accents-meaning they have different ways of seeing things but teach the same methods. So what I came here to learn, I've gotten and it will become more refined with more instruction. I'm very happy to be here."
-Daniel Gamelas from Portugal

"The workshop is really good. It's pretty much what I expected. I don't have much experience painting and I'm continuing with Cast Painting in July. I'm looking forward to relating it to drawing and how different it is. The teachers explain everything. I've learned about how light works, which I haven't received in training elsewhere."
-Nicky Van Son from the Netherlands

"The training is very structured and systematic. It's a scientific method that demystifies the technique in the art of drawing. The instructors tell you this comes first and this comes after. Anyone can learn it but you need to put in the time with the right teachers and that's what they have here." - Pablo Altieri, II from Puerto Rico/NYC

Graydon Parrish's three week Color Theory workshop for Intermediate to Advanced Students finished up today. We'll blog more about it next week but workshop participant Megan Moore came into the office and had this to share...

"There's an inherent isolation that comes with being an artist. That's all I know when I'm at home and to come here and spend every day with people, who share your vocabulary, who are trying to figure out similar issues, and who care about similar issues makes a giant difference. Humans don't tend to thrive in isolation and yet we've chosen an activity in which you need to have such solitude.

Here, people are focused on the craft, which is deeply important to me. Even the teachers feel the isolation when they work and talk about how important it is to come here and connect. I've come to realize how normal it is to feel this way. And then there's the actual information and it's been so important for me to focus on this, for my life. The information from the workshop has been worth the money spent on it. I came here to gain strength in what I've been weak in. There's so much you gain here, and then you get to continue to integrate it after."

More posts to come about Graydon's and other workshops in the recent past. Here's a little info about 2012: Graydon's workshop will be held in July again. We aren't taking sign-ups just yet...

pix by core student Devin Cecil-Wishing


Anonymous said...

i enjoy following this blog. It would be great to have some real information, some key learning!

Mark Hill said...

Thank you for these workshop posts! I absolutely can't wait to get out there next month! Soooo excited!! :)