Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Report from the Sculpture Competition Days 1 & 2

A snapshot interview with Katie Whipple, one of our Sculpture Competition monitors (as well as a core student in painting at GCA, who is entering her 3rd year in September.)

Q: What's the atmosphere in the room been like on Day 1 & 2?

A: It's very focused, very calm & respectful. Really good energy! Serious.

Q: What's it like for you, as an artist, to observe the competition in progress?

A: It's really fascinating how differently people go about doing, ultimately, the same thing. It's really interesting for me since I'm a painter. When everyone in a room paints a model, everyone's working on a different painting since they have a different view.

But with sculpture, it's all the same view since you move around the model.

All the sculptures in the room are really beautiful and unique. Capturing the same pose from all angles is something I haven't really thought about much yet.

I think this is an awesome prerequisite for taking more sculpture classes in the fall. I had never really seen armatures being built. It's all so cool! I'm gaining real insight into how you sculpt!

The next viewing open to the public is Wednesday night from 6-7pm. We've found that coming after 7pm, the sculptors have wrapped up their work and need to venture off into the sunset until the next day!


Mark Hill said...

This is so awesome to see! I can't wait to get over to the school next month!

jsarak said...

More updates please!