Thursday, June 9, 2011

Report from the Sculpture Competition Days 3 & 4

In 24 hours the winner of the Fourth Annual Classical Sculpture Competition will be the meantime, it's stormy weather outside but inside, I interviewed another competition monitor, Abigail Tulis. Abigail is a core student in our Sculpture Atelier. In September she'll be starting her second year. Read her impressions below.

The atmosphere in the room is very focused and intense. Despite being worn out, everyone is concentrating on their work with an extreme amount of energy. Even though the pressure of the last day is approaching, there is still a lot of camaraderie.

It has been very insightful to see so many professional sculptors from different schools of training sculpt the same figure.

It is exciting to witness such a variety of approaches to all the stages of sculpting a figure: from the armature, building up the main masses, gesture, all the way to the finish.

It is also inspiring to observe so many people tackle such a technically challenging and mentally exhausting process with such relentless zest, focus, emotion and exactness.

This attitude towards the direct observation of the human figure is indispensable. I really anticipate getting back to my studies with similar zeal and tackling the challenges of this wonderful art form.

Join us tomorrow/Friday night starting at 8pm. The winners will be announced by 8:30pm after which the studio will be open for viewing.


jsarak said...

The suspense is killing us! Please post results!

Fork said...

Anybody know who won?