Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Studio Sketching!

Rubin Gabeau is the newest full time core student. He joined the core full time program in February after completing the Winter Drawing Bootcamp. He was back a month later! He posed for a portrait this weekend for some core and part time students. Here are several likenesses as captured by Katie Engberg, Tsultrim Tenzin and Sandra Sanchez. Pencil, oil and Charcoal, respectively!

We are pleased to be newly offering a One Year Drawing Program within our full time, core studies. Apply to it as a year-long standalone program, or dive into longterm, four-year study. If you're not sure, step aboard and see where it leads you!

Welcome Rubin!

By Katie Engberg, 4th Year Core Student

By Tsultrim Tenzin, 3rd Year Core Student

By Sandra Sanchez, 3rd Year Core Student

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