Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sandra Sanchez wins Fourth Structure Prix

Structure Prix winner, Sandra Sanchez
"Although unfinished, this drawing displays a very powerful structural presence. The modeling successfully portrays the subtlety of form and the structure of the model's arm, neck, rib cage and pelvis. The block in is accurate to the model's proportion and likeness. The portrait displays a wonderful naturalism and lively attitude. Sandra's use of compression of values in the light zones allows for a convincing light effect. A beautiful work of draftsmanship."
Critique by instructor Colleen Barry.

This is the fourth time the Structure Prix has been awarded in the spirit of inspiring healthy competition among peers as inspired by weekly cash prizes at the Academy Julien in Paris during the 19th Century. Colleen Barry was joined by Core Instructor and Resident Artist, Brendan Johnston in choosing the most recent winner.

Katie Engberg won the third prize in February 2016.
Raina Dai won the second prize in November 2015.
Kevin Müller Cisneros won the first prize in October 2015. 

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