Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Recent Core Student Work

It's Spring Break at GCA and a good time to catch up on sharing some of the art being produced in our studios! We plan to start making this a regular feature of our blog again. Below is a collection of works selected by core program instructors Colleen Barry, Will St. John, Patrick Byrnes and Brendan Johnston. Reminder, the deadline to apply for September admission is April 15th. Get those applications together! More information is available here.

by Deborah Rodrigues, 3rd year

by Charlie Mostow, 4th year

by Diana Buitrago, 1st year

by Savannah Tate Cuff, 2nd year

by Kelly Foss, 3rd year

by Mackenzie Swenson, 2nd year

by Addison Xu, 2nd year

by John Brogie, 4th year

by Mark Popple, 4th year

By Audrey Rodriguez, 4th year

by Tsultrim Tenzin, 3rd year

by Brian West, 3rd year

by Jessica Artman, 4th year

by Louis Carr, 3rd year

by Kevin Müller Cisneros, 3rd year

by Al Costanzo, 3rd year

by Grant Perry, 4th year

by Dale Zinkowski, 3rd year

by Joe Mattus, 3rd year

by Raina Dai, 3rd year

by Katie Engberg, 4th year

by Andre Payne, 4th year

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