Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March Core Student Work

Our March month long poses inspired our studio with Freddy's curling curiosity, Santiago's twists and tension, Victoria's serious sensitivity and Shay's regal repose. Below are portrait and figure works by students in their 2nd through 4th years.
There's just one more week to apply for September admission to the full time Core Program - deadline is April 15th! Read more by clicking here.
And Save the Date for our End of Year Student Show on Friday, May 20th from 6-9pm. More details to come!

Charlie Mostow, 4th year

Charlie Mostow, 4th year

Alexandre Alves, 3rd year

Jessica Artman, 4th year

Kevin Müller Cisneros, 3rd year

Raina Dai, 3rd year

Joe Mattus, 3rd year

Andrew Payne, 4th year

Mark Popple, 4th year

Brian West, 3rd year

Dale Zinkowski, 3rd year

Jon Brogie, 4th year

Kathryn Engberg, 4th year

Andrew Payne, 4th year

Audrey Rodriguez, 4th year

Louis Carr, 3rd year

Al Costanzo, 3rd year

Savannah Tate Cuff, 3rd year

Kathryn Kincaid, 2nd year

Kelly Foss, 3rd year

Rie Mukai, 2nd year

Deborah Rodrigues, 3rd year

Mackenzie Swenson, 2nd year

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