Monday, April 11, 2016

Congratulations 2016 Hudson River Fellows!

Crawford Notch by Thomas Cole, 1839

Twenty painters have been selected to attend this summer's Hudson River Fellowship in Jackson, New Hampshire! Fellows will bunk in one of two ski chalets in the foothills of the White Mountains on the edge of Jackson. They will paint from sunrise to sunset undaunted by ticks, bears and sudden rains. Fellows gather for lectures, critiques and demos by visiting artists.

The fellowship is uninstructed. Fellows shape their own days exploring the landscapes that were also painted by 19th century artists like Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt, Benjamin Champney, Sandford Gifford, Jasper Cropsey and Winslow Homer. Jackson residents and Senior Fellows Erik Koeppel and Lauren Sansaricq along with Leslie and Warren Schomacher who run the Jackson Historical Society are great hosts and guides, acquainting the visiting painters with the local scenery.

Mt. Washington by Benjamin Champney, 1860

Enjoy these blog posts from last year's fellowship: 1st Week and 2nd week!

2016 Fellows:
Bhavani Krishnan
Chantelle Elizabeth Dinkel
David Alexander Paulsen
Diana C Carino-Buitrago
Grant Perry
James Riley Edmonds
John Darley
Jordan Aram Zoscak
Kelly Foss 
M.J. Bactol Sarmiento
Randolph Peay 
Riley Doyle
Sandra Sanchez
Sara Chong
Sarah Faith Burns
Sean Witucki
Sean Russo
Luke Atkinson
Karl Björn Wennergren

Mt. Chocorua by Sanford Gifford, 1863

Mt. Washington by Albert Bierstadt

Artists Sketching in the White Mountains, by Winslow Homer, 1868

Echo Lake by Jasper Cropsey
Check out GCA's summer landscape painting workshops in Jackson that run during the fellowship! 

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