Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jon Brogie & Kevin Müller Cisneros Tie the Fifth Structure Prix

As we approach the end of the year, the work of all the students is so strong, that there was a tie for the most recent Structure Prix. Instructor Colleen Barry wrote the following critiques of the two winning drawings. 
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Structure Prix winner, Jon Brogie
"This drawing displays Jon's sensitivity towards form and structural volume. The strong diagonal in the gesture makes for a dynamic composition. The value range Jon has chosen for this figure makes for a strong visual impact. The anatomical structure of the shoulders is convincing of the relationship between the trapezius, the inflated infraspinatus and the latissimus dorsi. The varying weight of the contour creates a feeling of life and movement."

Structure Prix winner, Kevin Müller Cisneros
"This seated nude has an incredible sense of weight. The proportion and gesture are excellent representations of the model. There is a picturesque quality to the drawing that makes the composition aesthetically compelling. The anatomy in the shoulder blades, latissimus and rib cage display a great deal of sensitivity. There is a powerful sense of form and bulk in the torso and thigh."

This is the fifth time the Structure Prix has been awarded in the spirit of inspiring healthy competition among peers as inspired by weekly cash prizes at the Academy Julien in Paris during the 19th Century. Colleen Barry was again joined by Will St. John in choosing the most recent winners.

Sandra Sanchez won the fourth prize in March 2016.
Katie Engberg won the third prize in February 2016.
Raina Dai won the second prize in November 2015.
Kevin Müller Cisneros won the first prize in October 2015. 

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