Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Atlanta Art Gallery group show

October 17th was the opening for a group show at the Atlanta Art Gallery: "Jacob Collins and the Water Street Atelier" featuring Jacob's work alongside that of alumni and current students of Water street and Grand Central Academy. Below is a link to an online gallery of some of the work included in the show.
Atlanta Art Gallery group show

Photos from the opening night are posted on the Portrait Society of America blog.

This review of the show came from Jerry Cullum's blog:

"The portraits in particular make one realize the importance of scale in this tradition; the photographs in the little catalogue produced by the gallery sometimes look embarrassingly inconsequential when the paintings themselves are emotion-provoking near-masterworks. When personal style is suppressed in favor of realist representational conventions, small details become crucial and the size of the image even more so. Lacking the metaphysical vigor of the Dutch precursors, these artists present a world as it might yet be, an implicit utopia that might have delighted Ernst Bloch: a sense of reverie that creates space for dreaming and thus, according to Bloch's heretical philosophic vision, for hope.

And these days we can use all the hope we can get, not to mention imaginative space in a world crowded, as Bahouth's show reveals, with conventional images. Sometimes a re-imagining of an unfashionable tradition is the most revolutionary act of all."