Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making plaster casts

First year students have been spending a lot of time with these feature casts - practicing drawing, modeling, block-ins & sculpture from them. Last week we took our clay sculptures we've been working on & learned how to make our own plaster molds & casts. It's more complicated than we thought! It takes some patience & precision to mix the plaster just right and make the mold before the plaster solidifies.

Carla Crawford's clay eye, with the plaster cast we've been working from next to it.

Lauren Salm making a plaster mold of her ear

Sarah Hodges plastering up her nose

Instructor Chris Waddell working with Victoria Herrera

Ashley Howell cleaning out her ear mold

Remi Cardenas & Neal Esplin removing a finished plaster mold from the armature

Me & Carla bringing back the art of knitting


Anonymous said...

^^ nice blog!! ^@^


Saad Amir said...

You have doing the plaster caste.This fun will be also play an important role in the field of gret arting.
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