Sunday, November 2, 2008

Student work

Here are some photos from around the studio. Now that the students from Water Street Atelier have joined the GCA community, we have people working at a range of experience levels - from beginner cast drawing to full color figure painting. Starting this week, second year students take a break from drawing to begin a new element of the curriculum spending 5 hours a day in the sculpture studio for a 2 month block.

Instructor Chris Waddell giving a portrait sculpture demo

Jason Boudreau

Colleen Barry

intro to figure sculpture with Mason Sullivan (night class)

Carol Broman

Arturo Garcia

Gregory Mortenson

Hyeseung Marriage-Song

Nancy Fletcher

Joshua LaRock

Joshua LaRock

Elisabeth Ehmann


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Saad Amir said...

Students doing a great art for the sack of this art.This was really a beautiful.
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